Low Rise Jeans and Baby Tees

Okay, but are there going to be Halloween costumes available on the Kim K game?

*anxiously awaits my skeleton husband’s return from war*

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This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 


So this.

I watched that episode with my family and I could just feel how uncomfortable everyone was. Honestly, it was a really jarring, unpleasant episode.

Homer is a terrible dad. So is Peter. But Homer’s saving grace has always been that he tries—he’s bad at it and he fucks it up a lot, but he loves his family and he wants to be better than he is.

One of my favorite Homer moments is in “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife.” Tl;dr Marge writes a steamy romance novel starring herself and Ned, and when Homer finds out, he chases down Ned and, rather than attack him, asks him to teach him how to be a better husband.

There’s some part of his stupid self that wants to do better.

I never got that impression with Peter. Instead, the family has gotten more and more abusive towards Meg. It’s really unsettling for me when I started realizing that’s what happens sometimes in abusive families. Abusers sometimes single out one child to abuse, and quite often the other family members take the abuser’s side. After all, it’s easier to side with an abuser than to run the risk of becoming the target yourself.

There’s never really a point where it seems like Peter cares at all that his shitty behavior impacts his family. It actually seems to have gotten worse over the years. He expects everyone to clean up his messes because that’s always what happens; there’s really no reason for him not to be shitty.

And it’s easy to see how Meg is affected. She doesn’t have much of a character, really, because so much her screen time is devoted to being abused. The bits of character development all seem to hinge on her being this sad, neglected person who’s trying her best but never really gets any help from anyone. Quite the opposite; there have been a lot of episodes where her family sabotages any attempts to be herself.

It can be easy to forget how awful this behavior is when the only context is the show itself (frankly, everyone on Family Guy is kind of terrible). Seeing it played against the Simpsons, who are a flawed and dysfunctional but ultimately loving family, was painful to watch.

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"Bring on the Dancing Horses" by Echo & the Bunnymen

Shiver and say the words
Of every lie you’ve heard

First I’m gonna make it
Then I’m gonna break it
Till it falls apart
Hating all the faking
And shaking while I’m breaking
Your brittle heart…

When we went to town the other day (like the part of town that is farther than walking distance), I saw an ice cream place that was shaped like an ice cream cone and they already had pumpkins and hay out front and I honestly have not stopped thinking about it. I need to go there.

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My Tumblr Crushes:ivygourdclassicaldevotionspookydaughterweirdocomixxbe-briefwelshwiitchwhinyspiceartiqunosus-dadHey, but look how perfect my top three are.

I want to be kissed right now, but not on the mouth of genitals, just like kiss my back or something. I’m sleepy.

I just want someone to hold me every night until I am in a deep sleep then I want them to leave so I can take up the whole bed.

If not I’ve got these last 12 bucks to spend on you
You can take me anywhere your sick mind wants to
I’ll use your South to fuel me, using you.

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